Shri Jitendra Singh : Manager

While starting Shree Yogeshwar Public School, I had a dream of reaching out to children who needed the good education and so the construction of this project was started in august 2012. Keeping in mind the rapidly changing nature of school education and socio-economic condition in which the children are growing creates pressure on the values, purpose and the role of school education my mission is to develop a new approach intermixed with Indian cultural value. Education is the foundation stone of life and the school system helps the child to discover and explore what they are why they are and how can they self-support and sustain along with others and with committed efforts of our team, we believe in our convictions to make this dreams come true to refining the mind of our students so that they can revitalize their world. I, as a friend and guide for my students, try my level best to provide education & facilities that is the need of students in the 21st century. I am open to students, parents, guardians and all well-wishers for their creative suggestion and guidance in running the school.

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